Friday, May 1, 2009

tummy tubs

tummy tubs

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Tummy Tubs, which is a new product by child carers in Netherlands, are said to be doing wonders pacifying crying babies. Tummy Tubs are small bathtubs that make the baby feel more secure as the tub is smaller than an average baby bathtub. The tubs resemble something of a large bucket that you place your baby in filled with warm water. The smaller are of the tub makes babies feel more secure. Since the baby sits up in the tub, you are able to fill the water up to the baby’s shoulders, which keeps the baby warmer for a longer period of time.

The makers of the Tummy Tub say that, ‘It helps to ease the transition from the comfort of the mothers’ womb. It makes bath time enjoyable from birth; its special, original design ensures that babies adopt and relax in the familiar and natural foetal position.”

Tummy Tubs are recommended for children up to age 3. As the baby gets older, the amount of water you can be decreased if you wish.

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