Saturday, May 2, 2009

nikki catsouras

nikki catsouras

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Nikki was the daughter of Christos and Lesli Catsouras. The Catsouras family lives in the affluent Ladera Ranch area of Orange County, California. Theirs was a picture-perfect family. Christos was a wealthy successful realtor. His blonde wife, a proud mother. They had it all: success, good looks, and all the luxuries and trappings of affluence and high social status. Their idyllic lives changed abruptly with the tragic loss of their 18 year old daughter Nikki.

But losing their daughter was just the beginning of a sordid nightmare steeped in an Internet netherworld that celebrates death and suffering, a sub-culture of depravity that is difficult to comprehend.

California Highway Patrol Officers Leak Death Scene Photos

Two California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatchers, 39 year old Thomas O'Donnell and 30 year old Aaron Reich, leaked pictures of the accident scene and Nikki's horrific death onto the Internet.

The teen was immortalized in a sub-culture of morbidity and dubbed "Porsche Girl."

Within days of Nikki's death, the Catsourases were deluged with emails and text messages accompanying the grisly accident scene photos of their once-living 18 year old daughter. Some of the text messages and emails sent by mysterious cyber bulllies said, "What a waste of a Porsche" , "Whoo-hoo! I'm still alive!", and "that spoiled rich girl deserved it."

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