Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lex and terry

lex and terry

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Lex & Terry
Daily Recap

Today on The Lex & Terry Morning Show:

-Dee coined a new phrase today Throw-Up Booty. This is when a chick is so hammer she throws-up & then you do her. Dee & Terry weren’t down with this. Lex & Taint have no problems with it.

-According to Dee women love responsible baby daddies. You know the guy who isn’t with the kid’s mom anymore, but still play an active role in their child’s life. This will get you a lot of ass.

-Taint & Dee hit the nail on the head; Biskit has the equipment but doesn’t know how to operate it. Most women use what they got to get what they want, Biskit has no clue.
-Our 1st Celebrity Hook-Up was a success. Bunny showed Kyle an excellent time. Dennis took it to another level; he tested Kyle like you wouldn’t believe. It was a night he will never forget. Lex & Terry are truly The Givers! (pics of the date on

Tomorrow on The Lex & Terry Morning Show it’s a double dose of Taint. We’ll have Black like Taint & a new bit Taint Spreads the Pig Flu. Don’t forget your phone calls are always welcomed @ 866-977-DOUS.

Lex & Terry are looking for the Ultimate Party Bitch. Now if you’re Hott, 21yrs old, and are always the Life of the Party we want you. You can send pictures & info to to enter. We will fly your ass in to party like a rock star no holds barred.

Stop by the Lex & Terry Store @ because the monthly membership is back. Plus I’ve just put in an order for “I Like Peter” panties & baby doll tees. You guys asked for it & we delivered. We will have more coming with our Spring & Summer Line real soon.

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